Why Tuesday?

  • You’re away for the weekend.
  • You work Sundays or overnights.
  • You’re a night owl who’s more awake to connect with God or other people in the evening.
  • As pastor, church staff, or volunteer you want a chance to be an undistracted worshipper.
  • You worshipped on Sunday but want or need another worship service.
  • You just like doing things a bit different from normal!

Why this worship service? Maybe one or more of these reasons:

  • You know God wants you here.
  • Tuesday fits your schedule best.  
  • Something about this service will help connect you better with God.
  • Sharing a meal together.
  • The youth and children’s program. 
  • The casual, table-side dessert and coffee setting of the worship time. 
  • The opportunity to deal with questions, struggles, and doubts with people who acknowledge our human reality but also firmly believe in a loving God who brings hope, help, and healing.
  • You’re just ready to try something new.

Are you sure about this Tuesday thing?

The first Christians worshipped together with other Jews on Saturday. They also didn’t worship only on one day but throughout the week.  As the church grew to include non-Jewish believers, the primary day of worship moved to Sunday, often referred to as “The Lord’s Day”, to celebrate the day of resurrection – the day Jesus rose from the dead.  Some churches have worship every day.  Many have mid-week services that are viewed as additions to the primary service on Sunday.  Tuesday Church is a full-blown worship service with the same amount of planning and effort (perhaps even a bit more) as a Sunday morning service.  The Apostle Paul discusses Christians who do things a bit differently from each other in the Letter to the Romans in the Bible.  He urges them to accept each other’s practices, and not worry about the little details, as long as your motivation is good.  Regarding the question of different days, he says, “One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind.”  We’re fully conviced that Tuesday night is a great night to worship!